Dad Hack 012: They ride, you run

Editor’s Note: The scribes at First Time Father Project will frequently provide ‘Dad Hacks’ as a way to help dads in need go about their every day lives. If you have a hack you currently employ, share it by Contacting Us.

We all know that finding time to work out and keep-in-shape is tough for us Dads. What, when we’re busy changing diapers, helping handle households, and otherwise dominating the game, who has time for fitness?

We all should…

Here’s a quick tip that took me a slight adjustment to get over but might be a game-changer.

Put your kid on their bike when you go for a run.

While some Dads (like me), prefer a bit of solitude while running and may look at the activity as a way to catch up on your favorite podcast, adding a plus-one to your daily 5K can accomplish a multitude of things:

  1. You actually get to go for a run
  2. Your kid burns off some energy while riding their bike (which for my oldest daughter is not only good for her but good for the human race)
  3. Mom thanks you
  4. You have way less of the I feel like I shouldn’t be focusing on myself guilt
  5. You get an incredibly unique way to bond with and experience your child

So, next time you’re ready to run (or enjoy any other type of workout), find a way to involve your kid.

Have a unique way you involve your children in your fitness? Share it with us and the #FTFP community!

Ben Larsen

Written by: Ben Larsen

Ben is one of the founders here at First Time Father Project. Follow Ben's trial-by-fire parenting here with columns, essays and more. Learn more about him here.

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